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Frequently asked questions

No, and you never will. Stendhapp is non-profit.

At the moment only the web app is available, we are developing apps for Android / Iphone, if you want to know when they will be available, you can subscribe to our mailing list here (link to contact form) or follow us on facebook twitter instagram etc.

If the app doesn’t show your position please check the User Guide , in all other cases please write us reporting the problem HERE

It’s our choice, the idea is that Stendhapp shows the places in black and white… if you want to see them in colour, run to visit them!

The name is inspired by Stendhal’s syndrome…

Our main source is public open data, provided by Mibact, CEI and the web.

From the app, you can add any place you like by clicking the + and filling in the form that opens, then send it to us, and we’ll publish it.

To allow the app to determine where you are and show the beauty around you

Not yet, the Android/IOS app is under development. Now, we have the web app only

You can go to your profile, click “preferences” and select what you’re interested in

It’s our choice: we only recommend the producers of DOP, DOCG food/wine.
For hotels, restaurants, etc…there are other apps, you know where and how to find them 🙂

We understand that providing your personal data online involves a high level of trust on the part of users. We use your data to provide a better service and to show you nice and interesting places to visit. In general, your data will not be disclosed to others, so please read the privacy policy available on our website for details.